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Malaysian Immigration

We have over 10 years experience in Malaysian Immigration. We specialize in assisting Multinational Companies and Individuals in setting up their businesses in Malaysia.

We have over 300 clients in Malaysian Immigration.

We have Fortune 500 companies, like Kelly Service Inc, EDS Inc who use our services.

We asisit in the Incorporation of the companies, governmental approvals and procure the Work Passes.

We assist individuals who want to retire under the Malaysia My Second Home Program.


Work Passes


A work pass is the most important form of documentation required for those seeking employment in the country. Normally this is obtained for the employee by the employer once in the country. Employees and their families are allowed to enter the country on social passes issued by Malaysian Immigration officials upon arrival.


The work pass application process is bureaucratic and can be lengthy. Employers will often deal with the paperwork on behalf of their expatriate employees but some companies and individuals opt to use the services of an agency. Work Passes are given for varying periods from six months to several years. Dependents of work passes holders are not allowed to work unless they obtain a permit in their own right.


There are restrictions on the number of expatriate workers than can be employed by companies, depending on the company's level of foreign paid-up capital. For executive posts which require professional qualifications and practical experience, expatriates may be employed up to a maximum period of 10 years subject to the condition that Malaysians are trained to eventually take over the posts. For non-executive posts which require technical skills and experience, expatriates may be employed up to a maximum period of five years while Malaysians are trained to take over the posts. It is not known to what extent these conditions are enforced.


Malaysia practices stringent laws prohibiting foreigners working in the country without authorization and frequently detains or deports illegal workers. Visitors and expatriates should therefore strictly follow immigration laws and regulations.


Malaysian My Second Home


The Malaysia My Second Home Program has recently been introduced by the Malaysian government to encourage people to retire in Malaysia or spend several months a year here. It replaces the 'Silver Hair' program which previously existed. The program does not provide permanent residence status.


The MMSH program is available to most foreign citizens of all ages, who are allowed to bring their dependants and one maid to live in Malaysia. Successful applicants are given a five-year renewable visa and other privileges. Overseas income is free of tax and applicants can bring all their household effects and one car duty free into Malaysia, or may acquire a car in Malaysia free of duty.


Applicants aged above 50 years must meet one of the following conditions, while those who are below 50 must meet both:


1)A Fixed Deposit (in a local Malaysian bank) of RM150,000 if married or RM100,000 if single. The funds have to be left in the bank during the period of validity of the visa.


2)A fixed monthly income over RM10,000 a month or RM7000 if single. This could be a pension, dividends or other regular income. Documentary evidence is required as proof of income.


A sponsor in Malaysia may also be required, but this condition is sometimes relaxed. Employment in Malaysia is prohibited under this Program unless specific approval is obtained.




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